Rome’s Palette

Fall has arrived here in Rome. The days are short, it gets shadowy at 5pm. There is a somewhat fierce wind that blows along the Tevere (tiber) and the crispy orange and brown leaves are scattering everywhere. I love walking along the Tevere as it is so peaceful and quiet, although there are sometimes teams of rowers with a man or woman loudspeaking the tempo for the team to keep pace. I think the palette of Rome deserves some mention and I’m not just talking about the fall colors of yellow gold and brown, and a bit of red. I’m talking about the ochre colors of the buildings, the peaches, burnt siennas, and rusty oranges. The Rione (pictured below) are the medieval names of the city areas, I live in Rione Eustachio but apparently no one refers to their Rione anymore, they are a marker of ages past. Just down the street from where i live is a plaque marking that Giuseppe Garibaldi lived there, the center of Rome is filled with reminders of people, ideas, and epics that have gone before.


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