La Dolce Vita, travels with Sister

This past summer, my sister and I travelled from Paris to Marseille, Genoa and then Rome. I haven’t posted anything in a while but want to start posting on a more frequent basis.

I really enjoyed spending some quality time with my sister and I feel that sisters have a special bond and connection that is a rare treat in life. There is something so beautiful about travelling with a sibling, if you get on well, you understand each other on a deep level, and for me there is a peace and beauty in that. We had a blast! Here are some photos from Genoa, we had a beautiful air b and b that overlooked the harbour, and I loved the striated marble, in black and white.


I am back in Rome now after whirlwind travels. I was in Giverny, France for 2.5 months at the Terra Foundation for American Art, an amazing program, really intellectually stimulating and fantastic. Now I am back in Rome, writing my dissertation and living la dolce vita. I met a lady with cropped white hair, a Romana, a few weeks ago at the American Academy, when I was there listening in on a conference. Over almond cookies and a strong espresso she told me, Roma, non basta una vita. Its a famous saying, and I think it about sums up my thinking thus far, Rome, one lifetime is not enough.


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