A day in the life of a researcher – Un giorno nella vita di una ricercatrice


Over the past two months I have spent some time in various archives across Rome, and here are some photos from my research days (including an obligatory cappuccino and sfoligatelle post – I think I may have to do a post dedicated entirely to the crisp pastry with citrusy cardamon-like filling.) The life of a researcher is not always easy, but the rewards of doing archival work can be exciting. There is a thrill to be found in the process. For me the process of looking and searching is a bit addictive, you never know what you will find in the archive. To be more specific, the photographs above document my hike up a small portion of Janicolo hill to Collegio Propaganda Fide, the college where priests and nuns from around the world come to study. The college has hosted students for at least the past 200 years, so I have been walking in the footsteps of many devout pupils. The hill is steep but the views are rewarding. Once you get into the College, after passing security and climbing up another set of steps, you can see panoramic views of Rome. The blue book above is a chronicle of the Jubilee year of 1925, the year I am focusing on for my dissertation research. The slideshow below includes some photographs from the 1920s in Rome as well as the marbled-paper covers of some of the journals I have been flipping through. The marbled-paper technique is so ornate, I think it deserves some mention. Apparently the technique can be traced back to Persia, and of course, these marbled-paper covers most likely come from Venice.

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