Around my neighbourhood, Vicino di me


2016-04-24 17.24.45I’ve been lagging behind a bit on this blog, but I wanted to post some photos of cool things near me. The other weekend I went to an exhibition on Toulouse Lautrec at Museo Dell’Ara Pacis, which was a great show on his lithography, his use of sensuous thick lines and vibrant colors are imprinted on my brain. Across from the Museo is this fountain, which has a shell overtop, a symbol of the Renaissance ideals of rebirth and one of many charming potable water fountains in Rome. I should do a posting just on the fountains, as all seem to have unique personalities. 2016-04-24 17.13.52

An art history of cats! I found this book at the Museo Dell’Ara Pacis, I should go back and get it. 2016-04-24 17.49.572016-04-24 17.51.08

Me in a green spot in Rome. When I first got here, I was kind of sad because I thought there were few green spots, but it seems that the greenery hides in corners and alleys, and of course in the public gardens in Rome. 2016-04-24 17.51.52

An icon of the blessed Virgin on the corner, if you look carefully above you, you can find these Catholic symbols almost in every area.

A few more shots of the green corner, and a delicious nutty confection (with almonds, raisins and possibly pine nuts?), bought at the antico Forno. My friend got the sfogliatelle and it was also delicious. These other pictures are of doors in the area that look beautiful. Notice the portico with the keystone and heavy rustication (a term used to denote the builder’s choice to set up a visual contrast or interest in the stone). The technique was popular in Renaissance architecture.


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