A night at the Teatro Arcobaleno / Notte al Teatro Arcobaleno

I went to see the spectacular EPOS last weekend at the Teatro Arcobaleno, an older theatre with vintage photographs and red velvet curtains. The highlights of the show for me were the serenading sirens that lured Achilles  to the island, and the way that the whole musical ensemble (complete with a violin, sirens, angry gods and the passionate Achilles) came together to tell the complex and grand tales of Illiade, Odissea and Eneide. I felt the wrath of some of the gods from my seat. I think Achilles’ search for meaning resonates into the present age, when sometimes I find myself feeling the great privilege of living but also the weight of histories in the eternal city.


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  1. SB says:

    WOW lucky you. I wish I could be there too. Maybe soon.

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    1. gjbell says:

      Yes you should visit


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