Rose Garden Outing – Gita al Roseto di Roma


There is a lovely rose garden in Rome that opens every year on Rome’s birthday, April 21rst. The higher section of the garden is open now and the lower section will open later in May. There are nice views of the Circus Maximus, an old chariot racing stadium. When I was there (at the old grounds of the stadium) they were setting up some chariots and people were in minimal togas. I guess they will open up a renactment event for the summer.

The garden has a plethora of roses from around the world, many of them with unique coloring and scents. When you tire of walking around the garden, you can take a rest on one of the benches set beneath the trellises, which will be full of blooming roses in the summer. I brought the book Gigi with me and read that for some time there. It’s a quiet and mostly peaceful place if you want to see some flora and fauna. When I was there, I noticed a few lizards sunbathing on tops of the shrubs, they almost camouflage themselves in.

The head of the fountain is a wolf, Lupa, a key player in the founding of Rome. The legend is that Romulus and Remus were twins, abandoned in the wild, and they suckled from the she-wolf to survive. Later on, they went on to establish the city of Rome…


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