A train trip to Sutri


After sipping a cappuccino at the bar in Stazione San Pietro (Roma), I took a train to Bracciano to meet up with a friend who lives in Sutri. It was a nice getaway from the  crowds of Rome. I saw fields of hazelnut trees, Etruscan ruins and red poppies alongside the train tracks.

The town of Sutri is located on a bit of a hill, with twisting streets full of pastel colored homes. In the photos below you can see the way the town is built on tufa, a volcanic rock base. I bought some prosciutto and salsiccie from a little shop in the main square before I headed out. I hope to try it soon. The town seemed sleepy to me that Friday morning but maybe it is just on the surface, with a sense of time and tempo that dates back to the cult of Mithras. I look forward to returning sometime and exploring more of the amphitheatre and ancient Etruscan ruins.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. SB says:

    How fast the train was traveling?


    1. gjbell says:

      I’m not sure, its a regional train so not that expensive


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