Writing from the Eternal City


I have arrived in the Eternal City of Rome. For the next few months I will be living in Rome, conducting my PhD research and exploring the city. I will be using this blog to document some of the highlights and excruciating moments of my travels around the country of Italia as well as try to give a sense of my thoughts as they are.

In the week that I have been here, I have wandered through the pantheon, and watched as the oculus at the top of the dome lets light pour down into the pagan temple, and the burial place of noble  families and the Renaissance Italian artist Raphael. I will start with this image of the oculus (the eye) as a beginning for my time here. The pantheon has stood the test of time, reinventing itself time and again, as a pagan temple, then as a church, now as a place for millions of tourists to awe in its construction and presence. Using the motif of the oculus, I guess I am curious to know as to how my time here might change and challenge my perspectives on life, on art and and its’ history and on contemporary senses of being in the world.


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  1. sad bah says:

    Very nice picture, and well written.
    Enjoy your trip.




    1. gjbell says:

      Thank you Sad Bah 🙂


  2. Sarah says:

    Spoken like a true scholar! Lovely pick G!


  3. P says:

    Written as only G could. :)!!! One little add on….Rome is not the only city you will visit….;D!

    Liked by 1 person

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